Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogs who needs 'em anyway?

Why does anyone want to start a blog? Your guess is as good as ours!
What do you say in a blog? Haven't got a clue either!

I thought I might list a few of the pros and cons of blogging to see if blogging is all that it is cracked up to be!!

I basically started a blog because everyone else was doing it! No, no, not really! LOL! I have been learning to scrap on the computer. Hey - check out my blinkie (I know, it doesn't blink) just to the right down there about learning to digiscrap. Come join me and learn for free! Did I say it's free?!!

As I have looked at different sites for layout inspiration, I've gone to many blogs and found a wealth of info on them. I have learned new ways to spell things and some I really didn't want to know about either! hehe!!. The trouble with reading blogs is that you really get addicted ..... you keep reading, and reading, and reading then go to a link on their site to another blog and keep reading, and reading, and reading, then follow a link from their site to another....... you get the picture, a few hours later, I'm not for sure where I started and why I was even there in the first place!! And to top it off, I haven't even found what I was looking for! (have found a lot of other good schtuff tho').

Blogs don't help out with housework at all, I found out that dishes still sit, laundry is still dirty, and hubby comes home to no wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen with dinner!! My dh says I'm obsessed! Guess I'll just have to wean myself away from their blogs by blogging myself instead!! See I knew there must be a good reason to blog! But if I start blogging, when am I going to find the time to scrap?

A blog is a good way to let everyone know what you look like, AND everyone always posts such cute pics of themselves on their blogs. Well I looked & looked for one and this was the best I could come up with. What do you think? (At least I wasn't sticking out my tongue like others that I won't mention, dh!!)

Blogs need html code to make them work. What? Whoever came up with that?!?! Why doesn't it just say what it should like "this goes here, dummy!"?... after all, I have a high school diploma! Then there's something like Hypolink, sounds too much like getting a shot to me!! so painful! (oh maybe that was hyperlink) guess it subliminal messages from Tom's phlebotomy stuff.... sorry!!

Well let's see now, PRO or CON? Guess that's what I'll need to find out.

Hey! I think I'll just let my dh do the next blog. He know a lot of jokes - hopefully clean enough to let the world hear! And besides, his day is usually a little more interesting than mine especially when you deal with the public. hehehehe


Melanie said...

It looks good. I'm glad that you got everything how you wanted it.

farabee said...

Just plain precious. I finally get the "thorn" reference! You're way ahead of me. Gotta play catch-up....not enough time in the day! Good Job!